In 2000 Words or so Special: This many followers already?!

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  • Roamancing reply Well done. You don't have to be known to tell a good story. You've got a great voice and knack for narration.
  • [ – ] LaurenVideon reply Congrats on the 51 followers! Here's to the next few months for you! *raises invisible glass* Real life is kinda annoying, I agree (it's gotten in the way of me just WATCHING Vidme stuff over the past week, yet alone creating it, so I can only imagine what pressure you're going through). But, without real life there would be no games! So I guess there's some positives. Now, I must catch up on your videos that I've missed...(side note: do you find it slightly awkward trying to watch your "following" section on vidme when using anything other than a actual computer? Or is it just me?)
    • MisterHan2000 parent reply Thank you so much! And that's so sweet of you keeping up on all my videos! Yeah, real life is a hassle, but it has its awesome moments too. To be honest, I don't really keep up on my "following" section(which I probably should do for once!), but then again, I don't watch a lot of videos on my cell, so I really couldn't tell you whether it's awkward or not. In any case, just go with what feels more comfortable.
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