Can't Run Away from the Past...

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  • [ – ] MyCrazyCockatoo reply Emotions are just "feedback", therefore they cannot be good or bad. Realizing this was a huge breakthrough for me.
    • amandanalex parent reply Yeah that's a great outlook!! We're taught that certain emotions and pain as bad, but they are just there to help us. They guide us in the right direction! Thanks for the comment 😊
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Negativity is always soul draining and hurtful, but we need them. Yin and Yang is so relevant even in this so called modern age, the balance is what makes us who we are. Brave video, all the feels from NZ ..
    • [ – ] amandanalex parent reply Thank you! And I couldn't agree more. Without the 'negative' emotions, the 'positive' ones wouldn't feel as nice. The contrast is important! And I didn't know you were from New Zealand! It's one of the countries that we want to live in someday (probably in the next few years). We don't know very much about the best places to live though. We like to be close enough to the city to be able to drive there, but far enough away that it smells nice 😂 If you have any suggestions, we would appreciate it!!
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Oh dear, a lot of people find NZ boring, but theres some who like what NZ has to offer and stay eg We may be isolated here but I like it.
        • amandanalex parent reply We are okay with boring, but you've made the case for the contrary! Thank you very much! I feel much more informed about NZ. I never would have known what Aotearoa was otherwise.
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