Popeyes® | Chicken Waffle Tenders Review! Peep THIS Out! ⚜🐔🍁

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  • [ – ] MaronaPossessed reply Hmm feel kinda iffy on whether or not to try it now...I probably will XD btw grats on being featured!!!:D
    • MaronaPossessed parent reply So, shockingly, I ended up trying it and OH MY GOD. When I took a bite out of the tender by itself, it was juicy and crispy with a good hint of sweetness, as if you could taste a regular waffle(not same as texture though). When I tasted it with the sauce, ....it was divine and delicious. It was a rollercoaster of sweet and savory. I tried the sauce with the biscuit and it was pretty good. If I was rating the tenders by itself, i'd give it a 9/10. With the sauce is good, without it it's good. They compliment eachother. The only con is the tenders were a bit too big. Popeye's fries as usual are delicious. Good by itself, good without sauce. The biscuit was fresh and fluffy. I know I gave my feedback on the honey butter biscuit tenders...but if I had to choose between the two meals...it's kinda hard^^; y'know it's like pizza; each area has a distinct flavor that stands out. Sometimes you feel like domino's or sometimes you feel like pizza hut, ya know? I gotta quit following you. YOU AL...moreWAYS MAKE ME HUNGRY YOU JERK:P
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