Silent Hill 2 | It's all a Pyramid Scheme | Part 6

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  • BobbyTheSheep reply Silent Hill 2 is still one of the BEST horror games ever. It is a bit dated but it still had one of the strongest ideas and style of all the Silent Hill games. I think when the series started getting very very popular they started to overthink it and the later games -- while okay -- kinda lacked something. That's my sheep thoughts anyway, human! <3 Have you ever played Fatal Frame by the way? That was another really scary game for its time. Again, doesn't look very good graphically nowadays but back then it was a fun and scary game. I think it was one of the first to implement first-person camera viewfinder as a horror element even before games like Outlast!!! I am coming to find you on YouTube now! Nice stuff and good commentary human! <3
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