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  • [ – ] duffy reply happy monthiversary!
  • [ – ] BedtimeGaming reply I saw my 15 things to do when bored at home video, woot woot, haha happy monthiversary. Keep up the awesomeness.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes reply I keep making this comment on other videos I come across with other creators expressing the same sentiment regarding VidMe. But, VidMe is the internet's greatest hidden gem. The founders and other fellow Vidizens are so encouraging and I feel like I have an honest shot at bringing my vision to life thanks to VidMe. Thanks for sharing!
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply we call ourselves "Vidizens" and No, Youtube is not dead and I don't think it will die anytime soon. Vidme is just like Youtube back in the day, but I hope the Vidme team can look at youtube and learn what to do and not to do. To be honest, I think Youtube is also looking into quality, that's why they like when big productions and shows come to Youtube also with Youtube Red this shows that they obviously care about the quality too. i don't have any hate for Youtube, it's just that Youtube has a lot of room for improvement and they could have avoided many problems if only there was COMMUNICATION with them and their creators. That's why Vine died, whey didn't listen to their creators, and maybe snapchat will die to because Instagram shows that it wants to help creators too. Anyways we will see :)
    • PowerKegGreg parent reply Vidizens! That's awesome :) Nice ring to it! True, I think its a mixture of quality and quantity as well, but I feel there's this energy to where its more about just polishing your videos in a timely manner so you can upload as many videos as possible. Which may work for some but people don't always create that way. If it works for some, great but if others take more time I feel that shouldn't be a "punishment" you could say. Thanks for the comment!
  • [ – ] Sharpwing reply The thing that I don't like about YouTube is how arbitrarily a content creators channel can be threatened out of the blue by an easily abused system and sometimes just the pettiest whims and algorithm detections that take it so far into intellectual property that new works can not be created. If we're going by YouTube copyright logic and the DMCA itself, does that mean Weird Al is guilty of theft and slander? Does this mean that we are not free to do what we want with the things we buy? Does it mean that we are not entitled to express ourselves and criticize things as we please? Are consumers not aloud to give their own two cents on the market meant for them or ever promote it of their own free will? As consumers and the people of the free world, we are not asking for these things, we are demanding them as we have a right to our own speech and our own market.
    • [ – ] PowerKegGreg parent reply Its fun that you mentioned Weird Al as he is not only one of my favorite bands but he's an excellent point of what it means to parody or use certain styles. I recall a few interviews were he clearly states that he does not need permission as the law is on his side BUT out of respect, he asks to have permission from the original creator(s). I would say, however, its more of a "blessing" from them than "permission." YouTube has become what Hollywood has become. In the beginning, the concern was to protect the independent filmmakers from the wrath of media and now it has complete reversed as now its the media and companies they are concerned about and not the creators. Its getting to the point were this ideology is forcing people to make only "good" reviews on things which even now its becoming to where if anything is remotely used, they want money for it. Thanks for the comment!
      • [ – ] Sharpwing parent reply See it's this interaction I love about communities such as Vidme. We can actually have a serious dialogue about these things and get a better idea of what we're dealing with. I'm still very much hoping that Where's The Fair Use is a thing still being brought to the copyright offices. I want laws that better reflect our generation, our technologies and our culture. So that we can stop fighting businesses over this crap. I wish these people would just realize that they're fighting with their own consumers and making us stronger by constantly trying to silence us. These guys are only making fools out of themselves by attacking reasonable arguments and mocking innocent people that have done nothing wrong with their crap.
        • [ – ] PowerKegGreg parent reply Its great to have interaction! It helps us grow together and understand one another, regardless what we believe in. I do also hope people are taking action with Where's The Fair Use. Action is what is key. Sometimes its necessary to understand where people are coming from the other side but silence or bullying are not the answer at times. There's a time for war, and a time for peace.
          • Sharpwing parent reply Now more than ever is the time for action. They aren't stopping and they won't stop until we've drawn our hand and shown them that there is consequence for such selfish and unfair actions.
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