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  • JimGiant reply I don't think had any sinister motive, when I joined ThuleanPerspective's videos really were all over the front page. You're inevitably going to end up pissing somebody off when you run small social media company and with how much censorship is going on at the moment I can see why people would jump to conclusions. I could be wrong though, I'm giving the platform a month to make up my mind about them.
  • [ – ] HammerOfDoom reply None of those responses explain why his videos (that have not been recategorized, which Ive noticed most are not) just poof off the front page. Styx's videos dont. Neither do computingforever's. A non-explanation is expected, though. Good effort on contacting them, though.
  • [ – ] JimGiant reply The problem with removing the most popular category from the homepage is the second most common category will dominate it instead. I've seen the whole page covered in gaming videos before. Until they can sort it out I think it would make more sense to remove the front page and just have people select a category instead.
  • mekanykl reply Did they just kill this video? cannot play, and when downloading, it is 1 second long.
  • 1yachtcarpenter reply Looks like the C word..
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