11 Lies Weve Been Told All Our Lives

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  • RobOReilly reply The biggest lie is that there are only 11 lies when there are clearly 13
  • evangreenberg reply 9/11 was an inside job... jk lololololol
  • SackOs reply Another one... dolphins are not cute cuddly creatures, they are known to rape and murder in packs! ...anyways..
  • smileybridge reply 14. This report was given by Answers but actually they are simply Facts as there were no Questions.
  • crankydragon reply The internet just made me smarter. Who knew.
  • adampapagan reply I knew they were lying about Queen Victoria!
  • SambaSchutte reply Peanut butter's been around since 950 BC?? Jesus must have had some then, awesome! A true P&J sandwich!
  • RobOReilly reply Is there a single person who thought World War 1 was called that right after it happened? That'd be like me calling my wife "My first wife". It'll take years for that to happen.
  • Zionosis reply I am Australian and I have never even thought any of these to start with. I know some birds stay together (fact), but I was never told by anyone that Penguins do that. I never had anyone claim to me that "Carver" black guy invented Peanut butter, likely just BS spread by Americans I would say. I never knew or cared about Franklin preferring a Turkey to an Eagle. I found out years ago that Napoleon wasn't actually short for the time when I was researching. Unsure what he is on about claiming middle age is 30. I notice he used the word "was" 30. As if he is talking about another time but doesn't tell you. Actually middle aged is more like 40. The life expectancy in my country is around 80. In countries like Japan even higher again. This isn't baloney either, most peoples parents or grandparents here reach well over 65. (more like into late 70's or early 80's). Statistics isn't BS, if you think it is and that this man on this little video is secretly correct then I suggest yo...moreu learn about how statistics work. Basically you have 10 people who are born. 1 dies at 12, 2 more die around ages (40 and 55) and the rest live to say an average of 85. Well you calculate in So you take 10 people and + all their death dates and divide by 10. Gives you their average life span. (70.2 for the people above). And for people who have reached adulthood then (76.6) Of course statisticians do it far far more complex than that and take into account many things, stuff that the man on this video likely doesn't even understand. The rest were just stupid. The only half interesting one was the Hawaii mountain one. Then again that still isn't a lie, a mountain is a mountain. You can't have a landmass very high above sea level and a little mound on it and say it's the worlds tallest mountain. Since the mound itself it small. So Everest is actually the worlds tallest mountain. Just as the worlds tallest man standing at the bottom of the stairs is still the worlds tallest man even though there is a short guy standing at the top of the stairs. lol
  • CamBrexler reply Not 1 Penguin couple made it? Damn.
  • stevek reply Thanks for exposing the Reptilian agenda!!!!!!!!
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