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  • NitroRevolt reply Personalthony Preferencetano
  • UGgY_Tv reply HI Anthony i enjoy your videos, also you are awesome keep it up
  • [ – ] Eilytres reply I keep coming back to your channel because I like to find new bands. I've had big disagreements with some of your reviews, but they don't really affect me. I like however to hear someone ells opinion. As an example : You didn't like Halleluja (Gorillaz) money while I really liked that song, I respect your opinion but I didn't let that change my liking of the song. We all like different things <3
    • LaurenVideon parent reply Agreed. I find I disagree preference-wise with him more often than not. But, listening to other people's opinions is helpful and provides new things to think about it. It still provides value regardless of the rating he gives it.
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