With explanations Tommy Robinson and his kids thrown out of a pub in UK Police harasment

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  • [ – ] CRS01 reply Tommy , your own society may have no respect for you , but legions of people , all over the world , believe and respect you , for the integrity and courage you show in the face of MADNESS . Chin up Tommy , we can see your suffering , and I , personally , am with you 100% . Love you brother .
  • SC87Returns reply What the fuck is wrong with UK Police, I would expect this in third world countries but not the UK. I really hope the Tories Win this General Election.
  • [ – ] freerangehobo reply There appears to be a process where the usual way of life to which we've grown accustomed, has secretly been turned inside-out, where business as usual has been high jacked by social engineering. We were all in a hypnotic trance while this has been going on. Too bad we are awakening so late in it's progress.
  • MaitreMarkScully reply They most likely have facial recognition cameras and know where you are, they are victimising you. Those police are a disgrace. You have my support, all the good it will do you.... But know, there are many, many people who support you Tommy.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply I don't know much about police harassment but can he file a complaint with the human rights commission or Amnesty International. The Muslims seem to use the System for their protection and abuse of the public, The EDL should gather lawyers to help your cause. Contact the FBI or CIA they might be willing to help now that Trump is in office at the very least you may have information they may want, on Muslim activities in the UK. They may be willing to look for influence overseas. Hoping the tide is going to start turning as Trump is making a change in the USA. BREAKING – Supreme Court Ruling NO Islam In Public Schools watch?v=JfFP9sj_BCk
  • MaitreMarkScully reply and I thought in the UK everyone was innocent until proven guilty? Has it changed into a police state?
  • EmGreen reply Holy Crap . . . they are insane automatons. So . . . they are asking you to leave a public establishment and if you refuse to leave, they threaten to write you an anti-social behavior citation which is an offence? I've never heard of anything so ridiculous!!! It's madness!
  • aberb53 reply Those police are a fucking disgrace, every day I have led and less respect for these arseholes
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Also thought of 2 women that Posted Videos on YouTube that are looking to expose the Muslim Brotherhood. I doubt that the Main stream media will help you so try and see if the alternative media can like Alex Jones at Infowars or Rebel media Alex Jones seems to be looking for various guest. I also saw on YouTube these two women that are trying to expose the Muslim Brotherhood I' not sure but they may also be published authors and can bring exposure to this violation of your rights I don't know if it will help but this is where I saw their YouTube videos. Both Women are trying to get the Muslim Brotherhood declared a terrorist organizations _____ UNMASKED: Brigitte Gabriel Exposes The Muslim Brotherhood watch?v=c0B-KUwpPj8 ______ ALSO ______ Michelle Bachman Exposes How the Muslim Brotherhood Has Taken Over US Government watch?v=XSexWR-JrJo
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