Who will be going through the great Tribulation

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  • abeamer9793 reply Praise God = Halleluah! -- You depicted what I was talking about seperating the wheat & tares & then the judgement seat of Christ. Keep the faith brother. Godbless
  • messiah_warrior reply Thank you and God bless
  • MAFsensor reply But jews don't believe in Jesus, go figure :/
  • [ – ] katie1965 reply Thank you for all you do. Thanks to your ministry I'm off zoloft and anti anxiety! Praise God and his son Jesus!
  • [ – ] johnnnyink1896 reply I can hear the video can not see it?
  • [ – ] johnnnyink1896 reply i wish I got updates to my email when videos are posted (new),
  • Godschild reply oh yeah I forgot to tell you Levi, you don't need to do 'works' to get to Heaven! JUST JOKING LOL!!!!!!! I started following you and paying you because I finally found someone that believes that we have to practice not sinning. Kathleen
  • [ – ] Godschild reply I found you thanks to your You Tube video! Will be sending you another tithe shortly. I have been wanting to tell you something for so long Levi!! Please mention shopping addictions. I made my family lose everything then, Jesus helped me BUT THEN I backslid slowly. But thanks to your videos and Jesus, of course, I prayed and when I woke up one morning, I woke up called the bank and cut off my visa card. Told my husband I'm done with money. Praise Jesus! But Levi, Jesus works through you. Thank you so much.
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