Youtube Censorship Pt. 2| The Millennial Revolt

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  • girlreadingbooks reply I think what you're doing is great! There is hope, some of us who are a few years older are working on alternative business structures to facilitate monetization, don't give up! I'd love to hear you discuss Google's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy because it sucks to realize we've ALL agreed to have YouTube treat us this way - I can help if you'd like work through language if you like :) Keep it up #MillenialRevolt
  • TheACP333 reply I Don't Even Go To YouTube Anymore.... Sooo Boring
  • TheACP333 reply Really Good Content... Gives Me Hope For My Daughter's Generation
  • TheACP333 reply YouTube Is Sooo... BORING
  • [ – ] AngryGeezer reply Came to vid to view styx..Good luck.
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