There's protesting, and then there's being a complete fucking asshole

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  • RobOReilly reply I don't think Bike Cops are the ones shooting people. They're one notch above Mall Cop.
  • PEEZUSWORLDTOUR reply and yet somehow a officer of the law shooting a kid 16 times isn't being a asshole
  • TheKingofTV reply I always assumed being an asshole IS a form of protest.
  • keithseven reply These monsters are directing their anger out words rather than solving their own fucking problems of violence if you wouldn't happen to have the police in your neighborhood all the time you wouldn't have such high statistics of wrongful death I say we just let them kill each other and stay out of their neighborhood build fences around the neighborhood and block them in so that it can spread out.
  • keithseven reply I think most people forget the stitistics of black on black gun violence is more then all other murders of blacks from all other racsies and organizations combined. If Blaque stop being so violent against each other then when normal people dressed as officers walk into the ghettos they wouldn't be so quick to pull a gun they fear these fucking animals they fear these monsters these people are killing themselves at a rate 10 times higher than anybody else is but nobody says anything about it so if you and move all the cops shooting with come out to a couple grand you still have the millions of blacks killing each other every year Weatherby with drug dealing or direct gunfire or just straight terrorism on each other in the ghettos.
  • somerandomXguy reply patience lvl 10000000
  • Brandy_Hernandez reply Your so fucking stupid.
  • Brandy_Hernandez reply Hes got a very good point, I believe in what he is doing. Hes doing the right thing. I would do the same thing.
  • mxscrwdvr reply Why would you whistle in someones face ? In my country this is enough reason to kill a family
  • smileybridge reply Whistle to the face? If you ask me, that's not enough crazy for shooting a kid 16 times. That's like, recorder while you're sleeping and someone dies crazy. Which, honestly, would be the plot for the ultimate movie to scare six year olds.
  • CamBrexler reply Why the cop? He's already got 16 cameras shooting him from all angles.
  • crankydragon reply Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. set a wonderful example for all of us. How the hell did we ever come to this? Today I am a little sad.
  • evangreenberg reply He looks like a young Cam Newton. Get back on the field Cam!
  • flippo reply The whistles go wooooooo
  • SackOs reply I think he's charming.
  • vader reply yes... let the hate flow through you
  • goombaslm reply Whatever happened to personal space?
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