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  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply Also I just followed you, seems you're uploading alot, is it all just your backlog from your youtube?
    • [ – ] WesternOtaku parent reply The first dozen videos were backlog, but I started doing simultaneous uploads about the time I began reviewing for this season... I've had to drop a couple of titles, since 14 videos a week was leaving me no time to rest, or say nothing about video games.
      • DynastyStar parent reply Ahh okay, PERSONALLY I would just rather reviews of an anime rather than episode reviews.
      • WesternOtaku parent reply I have 500 videos on YouTube... so I don't when I'll be able to get them all over here. I might just move over the more popular, and the complete shows that I've reviewed.
  • DynastyStar reply Oh yeah, and also Keijo!!!!!!!!(it has that many !s).
  • [ – ] DynastyStar reply I'm confused what is wrong with watching a show for the boobs. I check out plenty of anime because of the "plot". Highschool DxD(I actually finally got around to picking it back up and watching season 2 today), Heaven's Lost Property, Sekirei, Baka and Test, Infinite Stratos, Monster Musume, To Love-Ru, Kill la Kill, Seikon no Qwaser to list off some ecchi/harem anime I like(with the exception of Kill la Kill, since I think it is its own beast).
    • [ – ] WesternOtaku parent reply I never said there WAS anything wrong with watching anime for the boobs. I just wanted to make the distinction on HoTD. In fact, I'm currently reviewing "Seven Mortal Sins" and there's ONLY one reason I'm watching that one, and it isn't for the compelling, deep, thought provoking story. When I say I don't personally do something, it isn't my way of condemning the entire fandom for doing it. Unless I actually poke fun at the fandom for doing it.
      • [ – ] DynastyStar parent reply I apologize, I didn't mean for it to come across as thats how I interepreted it. I'm fairly used to people... bickering about fanservice in anime that I've grown numb to it.I would suggest you look up SOME of the anime I listed... some may be more accessible than others when it comes to personal taste(ie. I'm pretty sure liking an anime where characters go around sucking on boobs for their soma(breast milk) so that they can manipulate their particular periodic element to do battle is an acquired taste).
        • WesternOtaku parent reply It's all good... I just wanted to make sure that I clarified how I meant it, which also wasn't intended to make anyone feel differently. As far as ecchi anime is concerned, I'm not always in the mood for it, just like I'm not always in the mood for a Romantic Comedy.
  • [ – ] KaiserTrigger reply Dragon Ball Z is the kind of show where most people only know the stereotypes that haters desperately spread around. Thankfully shows like Kai kept it from getting to be that misinformed about.
    • WesternOtaku parent reply I'm also very grateful that I didn't let my own bias opinion dictate whether or not I should watch something. It's helped me make great choices I've rarely regretted.
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