Even a horse understands better than humans the deception of democracy

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  • MaitreMarkScully reply I say democracy is the biggest problem in the world today. 1900 all money was copper, silver or gold, there was 3 democracies in the world and inflation of prices was not the normal. Then WWI, afterwards all countries of the world were forced into democracy, the silver content of coins was reduced to 50%, all countries were given federal reserve banks and so followed the great depression. Then, the people of the world, one country at a time voted out democracy and installed dictators - as they always had. These dictators kicked out the federal reserve banks and made their money 100% silver again. Then WWII, all countries were again forced into democracies, forced to have federal reserve banks again and their coins were made 0% silver. NO DICTATOR HAS EVER HAD A RESERVE BANK IN THEIR COUNTRY, BUT EVERY DEMOCRACY HAS ONE - except for Russia, the only democracy ever not have a reserve bank. Hence, the demonisation of Russia and the need for WWIII. All other countries of th...moree world give, on average, 80% of their GDP to the federal reserve banks to pay their interest, but Russia keeps 100% of it's GDP, they would get too far ahead of the rest, unless of course they other countries got rid of the fed - then we would all be rich!
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