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  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply Such a good game
    • [ – ] Voxgizer parent reply Yea, it's my favorite out of the entire franchise! :)
      • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez parent reply I think re1 for psx is better but re2 a close second. You just don't get that kind of atmosphere and mechanics from today's games. Theyre too heavily reliant on technology and graphics opposed to the dynamics of gameplay. The creators in the past had to be more creative to get the feel they wanted, due to technological limitations.
        • Voxgizer parent reply I think in my case, my favoritism for 2 is heavily doused with nostalgia for a ton of reasons lol I agree, though. I think that games today have just gone well past the point of having heart and do rely a bit too much on graphics. Not all of them, but plenty do. In some cases the better graphics absolutely help make the game better, overall. Alien Isolation is a prime example, I feel. I can't say if RE7 does well because I've kept my head in the sand about it.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Haha!!!! Bc one of them is definitely going to be talkin so smooth lol
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