Help! I’m Dating a Social Justice Warrior!

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  • mathphysicsnerd reply I really don't get why some people think wanting to have kids is immoral. Humans are life forms from the planet Earth, we're evolved to reproduce and spread our genes throughout the population. Yes, there are orphans that can be adopted but their mere existence doesn't make reproducing immoral.
  • OralRobots reply Dude. Ditch that psycho green card seeking motherfucker and find a woman whose kids will fucking look like you. You're not going to teach your son squat when she divorces you and takes him away from you.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply The Doctor is in, Where is the Flower, Where you pull off the petals. Oh wait he is the bug and she is pulling off his wings. His parents will love her, NOT and his contacts in the teaching field will also appreciate her opinions, NOT. She will be telling him how much she hates his family and friends and if he loves her they need to move.
  • madel_schmadel reply Run like the wind. She will be the one who teaches your kids and they will grow up to be little SJW Hitlers, calling for the genocide of all who commit heresy. Seriously, just look at Antifa.
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