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  • [ – ] Aurex reply As a hard-of-hearing 73-year-old (no typo) I clearly prefer (imagine this): subtitled. I much prefer all foreign language film not dubbed.
  • BrianAiya reply the reason why sub is more popular than dub is because sub gets released first. so our minds get used to the japanese voices.
  • [ – ] bunniiBGG reply if a dub is done well then yea go dub. but i would always suggest trying out sub because original JP dub will give you a better understanding of emotion behind the character and if you are into Japanese culture you will pick up on the language better and will understand that some things just dont really translate over into english well.
    • Firestar9114 parent reply very true. I've yet to see a dub done better then a sub when it comes to conveying the intended message of the scenes throughout a show. I'm sure there is that one exception somewhere that will prove me wrong, but I have yet to come across a dub that is done well enough to be acceptable in my opinion. If anyone has any recommendations, that would be much appreciated, but most of the "best dubs" suggested to me are really poor imo such as durara, soul eater, black butler all of which had VAs that either couldn't act or who changed the general inflection thus altering the connotation of the phrase and resulting in an inaccurate translation. and as far as localization goes I have yet to see a case where it is necessary, in subs a short tl note takes care of it in 99% of situations. in a dub you don't want to add something in universe to break immersions so you localize it to be more understandable thus changing the intention of the show. maybe it's possible for this to be done well,...more but again I have yet to encounter this thus I consider subs to be generally better when given the option. call me a purist if you want but I prefer to be told the story the way it was meant to be told.
    • Aurex parent reply Hey, bunniiBGG, I really loved "The Seven Samurai." Japanese with English subtitles. It certainly helped that I knew a bit of Japanese culture.
  • BrassCandy reply Whichever one I discover first is typically what I prefer. For One Punch Man, I watched the subbed Japanese voices, which I liked much better than the new English-dubbed. Other things, such as Studio Ghibli and Pokemon, were watched dubbed in English throughout my childhood. Watching the subbed Japanese versions were just weird to me.
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I prefer subbed over dubbed because I can read fast and have a wider than typical field of vision. Anime is a pretty bad way to learn Japanese but it is listening practice. Also the inherent problems of matching English syllables to Japanese mouth flaps make script writing a notch down from the original intended dialogue. As more CGI gets introduced and the mouths are contouring to Japanese words more often these days it's going to make dubs harder and harder to appear natural. When someone says どきどき how are they going to match "My heart's racing." or whatever to the obvious do ki do ki mouth formations for example?
    • Dragontear parent reply You'd be the first I've heard of regarding field of vision/reading speed. Many have claimed similar circumstances but when put to the test come up short. It largely has to do with the type of anime, and I completely agree that as technology and ambition advances it becomes even more of a gray area.
  • Mecha_Deka reply I enjoy Dubbed over Subbed. the reason is I can't center all my attention at the bottom of the screen using most of my time reading than watching. When watching Dub I am able to see the artistic style and how much effort was put into it, The soundtrack sounds... clearer if that makes sense and makes me think "Wow! this composer really put his heart into this piece" or "They needed to try more..." because if an anime isn't getting criticism than obviously it wasn't worth the time or it just wasn't as great as we anticipate. also I can be more focused on what type of characters I am seeing and how they will develop and how they speak or what actions they take that alter the path of the story. I'm a writer so characters are obviously my number 1 focus which brings me to the last topic. The voice acting. and I know people go "Ugh these Dubbed VA's suck why were they hired/ why am I wasting my time?" but that's not the case with all Dubbed anime as there are some that really are eye opening...more considering the VA's for the Dubbed team really gave it their all like as if they were the character and that is good acting if it can make you just be in awe. Anyway I'm done my rant. just gonna go back to watching the video.
  • [ – ] AlphaBetaCosplay reply Hi I'm new here. I don't mind either. In order to multitask I need dubs.
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Anime I prefer subtitled: Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Fist of the North Star, Mazinger Z, Devilman, and Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt*. Either way: Ranma 1/2, Dirty Pair, late '80s Guyver OVA, Junk Boy, City Hunter, and Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water. Dubbed: New Cutey Honey, Mazinkaiser, and The Ultimate Teacher. *=Funimation tried, but this dub didn't do anything for me.
  • [ – ] Warpdroid reply You know, anime is a medium, not genre.
  • ArborAurora reply I prefer dubs. If I have to read subtitles all the time, I miss the art of the animation. Also, if I take my eyes off the screen for a couple seconds (I like to crochet while watching tv), then I have to stop and rewind, or miss something important.
  • tchaimadeus reply Good dubs are kind of rare, if you read quick enough, subtitles aren't that much of a problem, less so if you develop strong peripheral vision. But some good dubs are so good even the creators like them more than the original... like Cowboy Bebop!
  • Seawolf25 reply well I like some subs and dubs. sometimes there are get this, REALLY GOOD Dubs but they are actually Fandubs and they work rather well. I know, mind blowing and totes controversial right? but that's my opinion. The first anime I'd ever saw was revolutionary girl Utena in English along with pokemon. it's also I think what you here first imprint's on you.
  • IshidaSui reply I perfer sub
  • Kamisei reply Subs teach me japanese, always a fun plus. And dubs are usually horrible, though acceptable when i'm used to them as a kid though really just with pokemon. Dragon ball is still best watched in japanese because of superior voice acting
  • LVLWON reply TIL Bryan Cranston was Isamu in Macross Plus. Damn son how did I not notice?
  • Gabrihel reply Subs tend to have wastly better acting than dubs. So for me it's an easy choice.
  • xvart reply statistically the voice actors in dubs suck, I find fan subs to be insanely better, it's got to the point I explicitly avoid dubs, are there good ones, yes, but I can't name any
  • [ – ] CoolVideoBro reply Good Video ... I am new here ... #follow4follow Anyone?
  • donnaken15 reply wtf is this
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