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  • [ – ] Rawman reply This might be the worst video I have ever seen...joking. I enjoyed it apart from having to look at your hairy legs lol. I'm gunna sue you.
    • BrassCandy parent reply The holes in the jeans make for good ventilation when wearing a winter hat in the middle of summer. But it comes at the cost of exposing my pale, hairy knees. 😂
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply @JamieLeigh Please stop with your incredibly annoying upvote spamming. I know for a fact that you didn't actually watch any of the videos that you upvoted. I will not follow you simply because you followed me, upvoted 10 of my videos, and then left to never return. And in the sliiight chance that you DID watch all 10 videos, then I guarantee that they'll be hard to find in the future with the near FOUR THOUSAND people you're following.
  • BrassCandyJr reply WOW AMAZING VIDEO. DO MORE PLZ.
  • BrassCandyJunior reply Don't worry, Matt. We'll get this to trending for you.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply It self destructed lol
    • BrassCandy parent reply It will be missed. And it's memory will live on in the form of 20-minute Vine Compilation videos on YouTube xD
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