Drugs and Entheogens Episode 3: Diviner's Sage (Salvia Divinorum) Trip Report and Informational Video

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  • mathphysicsnerd reply "...At one point I told him I had to go kill the Turtle King..." That sounds amazing. You should draw it if you can remember any of what it looked like
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Left ya $20 because you're the extremely potent styx!
  • VybeyPantelonez reply I know why it stayed legal for so long here in Michigan: Back when you could buy it over the counter at head shops I smoked about 20 people down with 20x[might as well have been 1 million-x] (always not in a car and in a safe place on carpet with me sitting no one else around) and not a single one of them said "let me hit that again" LMFAO For me, everytime I took a fat waterbong rip the first thing I would think was: "oh Yeah, that's why I didn't want to hit this again last time" and then my entire vision would divide up like an all encompassing slot machine spinning until everything turned into legos and I was shot through the human machine only to find my friend's figures contorted into triangles with their legs jammed into their heads... it's the #LOLWUT of psychedelics imo.....
  • Broomfondle reply Every time i tried Salvia I melted...into the carpet, the sofa, whatever, it was a bit like the scene from Trainspotting where the guy shoots up then sinks into the floor, when that passed i got maybe 5-10 mins of light visuals, then it was over :-)
  • thehfgman reply That kind of stuff reminds me of spice I would stay away from salvia.
  • 1crom666 reply No spoon clank
  • McMurphy911 reply I never went way out there with salvia. I might have by now had it not been made illegal in my state shortly after my first trying it. But I had a similar experience of being drawn in a certain direction as if by an electrified magnetic current. Very strong, very bizarre sensation. I also had the experience of feeling like I was sinking into the floor, unable to distinguish where my body and the floor were separate. In order to guarantee staying afloat, I had to swing my arm violently back and forth toward the sky. Really freaked my friends out for a minute. That shit has got to be from the primordial underbelly of the Earth. Good times.
  • American_Devil reply There was a party at the local hippie camp, Rainbow valley, my friend had about $5000 worth of drugs in a back pack (he intended to sell), he ate a handful of mushrooms tripped out and ended up throwing the back pack into a camp fire then running off into the night and disappearing into the moat that surrounded the place (apparently being chased by cops???)... This behavior was not uncommon and before long a shrine had popped up around the (fished out of the fire) smoldering back pack... By the next day a sculpture had been built by the tweakers of a dirt turtle and legend had spread that he jumped into the fire turned into a Phoenix and settled as a earthen turtle... Of course I knew we had found him swimming around the moat naked earlier that morning but who wanted to get in the way of such a nice urban legend...To this day one can still probably find scorched drugs around said firepit :)
  • American_Devil reply The theme you keep bringing up of people taking too much is the biggest problem with all of our indulgences (or medicines) these days...People don't just watch Styx Videos they watch 10.2 in a row, LOL The most hallucinations I've ever had was an insulin over dose, hands down at 22 on my meter forget the rest, not enjoyable at all you can feel your soul and very being slip away... (((Because it is)))
  • [ – ] truMalma reply Smoked some DMT my friend made (he's a special....special person) when I was a teenager. Kept the puff in a bit less long than what he said, everything became like a kaleidoscope just like you said and I was like wtf?! I can't get up and get water! So my friend got some for me and I remember asking how long it would last.. he said 45minutes to make me freak out and than he told me the truth. 15 minutes later.. I understood why it's called hippy crack and I decided I will not try it again until the day that I am READY and I can dare to hold it in..
  • Victoria_littleFinn reply Great topic Styx ! I think a lot of people going into it do not realize just how hard you can trip on it.
  • Bonafide_Pooh reply Well damn Salvia is illegal in my state, that's fucked but I'm sure one can get a plant somehow.
  • [ – ] Sullenredshirt reply I don't know and haven't verified this, but supposedly Carl Sagan used LSD every single day for many years.
  • DerOsterreicherKraut46 reply Sounds like good times
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply I've only had one experience with Salvia and it was pretty fun. I bought it about a month before the Armed Forces banned it, even got a 15% military discount. I smoked a small amount and felt nothing, no Euphoria or anything until I went outside to smoke a cigarette. I had a few weeds growing up at the end of my yard that I had neglected to take care of and I am glad I didn't. They basically turned into glowing dancing seaweed that towered over my fence. I sat and watched it for about 10 minutes and then suddenly felt completely sober, like nothing ever happened.
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply I met the ________ God and he told me _________ and I went insane for some infinite amount of time, before returning from the dream. Then I felt like a puppet rolling down hill for awhile...goodtimes. Salvia is the shit.
    • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard parent reply It was terrifying. Felt like my entire existence was a joke, and my feelings were crushed under sadness- intense stuff. Oh yeah, can't forget upon returning I had to play the game of life in big circus tent, and I wanted the contents of the "prize box", but couldn't figure out how to play the game. Weird shit.
      • Cynical-Bastard parent reply Holy shit, oh yeah, that's right. I asked a big blank black void God about my, what can only be termed 'crushing sadness', and he told me "_________", and THEN I went insane....oh right. LOL yeah...20x is too much for your first trip ever. Thanks friends for loading up a massive bowl for me! PS: There is no real tolerance. It's a state of mind, alot of people just miss it, and forget how to relate, that is, with LSD, and the like. PPS: The physical & visual geometric effects are the primary goal of Salvia, but if you have a God who talks to you in blank underscore in one of your trips, apparently, your mind is encountering something that's communicating to you about your ultimate sadness...or something like that.
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