Kitchen Day 3 - Mark Levin, FISA Court, FBI, Russia, Surveillance, Tillerson, IRAN Nuclear Deal, and more

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  • Unhipalmond360 reply When I hear about sexual harassment allegations I always ask, "Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Where is the evidence!"
  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply The elite like to hedge their bets with people in positions of power, most if not all of them put there by them. Everyone holding power has a blackmail file created for them in order to keep them in line. Step out of line and information starts getting posted. Trump is included in this. He is part of an elite faction, just not the dominant one. So his faction protects him somewhat from the other ones, which is why he is still alive and in power. Elites play this type of chess with each other all the time. This game is their lifeblood. The show on Netflix "House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey is a very authentic representation of everyday life for them. The elite are ruthless. They have a take no prisoners mentality. We the little people are simply pawns in their game, to be expended as needed. It makes for a very interesting world, but not a very safe and friendly one. I think we all volunteered to experience this intrigue-filled reality for the novelty, but not for the long term. Again, ...morethanks for posting your updates to the kitchen. That wall really is solid!
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