Working for the Japanese - Cultural Differences and Being Onee-chan

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  • theoldsparrow reply That sounds like an amazing way to get immersion without actually going to Japan. I'm kind of jealous. :D From what I understand the kid calling you 黒人(kurojin) is an ignorant asshole. お姉ちゃん (oneechan) is a polite way of referring to a girl or woman not much older than you when they don't know your name but they do that for every age and gender. That she used chan instead of san is a good indicator that she was trying to imply a nice opinion of you to her child. I think you shouldn't get offended unless they called you おばさん (obasan) or おばあさん (obaasan). You probably already know this and I'm overclarifying. I would feel kind of strange being called お兄ちゃん (oniichan) in real life but maybe a warm hearted feeling with that. Of course at this point I'm probably an おじちゃん (ojichan). :/
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