Bungee Jump Goes Horribly Wrong - This Is Why I Don't Do Things Like This!

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  • [ – ] ManaSpell reply I can't hate on her for attempting on this, i mean technically it wasn't even her fault. The rope was tight, someone made a mistake and it caused the accident. Im not quite sure why she's being blamed here, if anything she has balls of steels for taking a stab at it. Thanks for the upload, take care everyone!
    • Addicted2danger parent reply totally agree, and besides, just staying safe at home for fear that something bad can happen is not living, that's just merely existing or surviving, I couldn't live like that, I need action and adventure in my life.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply I understand your position. I'm not a graceful person. The chance of me injuring myself just walking to the car is not low. Trying something like bungee jumping, for me, is just asking for trouble. I've got enough to worry about without creating new things. It's a dangerous world and the body doesn't heal that fast. You learn to be extra careful, to use common sense. Experience can be a harsh teacher, as that clip suggests. If that clip teaches us anything, it's this: stay home and watch Netflix. You won't regret it.
  • [ – ] Seagate reply Man this looked like it hurt.
  • ThunderstruckCanuck reply How the fuck did they fuck that up so bad..damn
  • AntonioKowatsch reply Yeah, I think the Schadenfreude is deserved.
  • [ – ] marlarhouse reply So now we'll see bungee-jumping hockey masks! I would never do this either - but then, I'm 350lbs and I could never trust a bungee cord to bounce back my giant whale-shaped form!
  • [ – ] Kentantino reply WeirdestNews just wanna say thank you for commenting in my video is was really dope from you.
  • [ – ] ElCidDos reply Why go through life afraid? Riding motorcycles, bungee jumping, etc... is what makes many people feel alive. Always being safe is boring.
  • [ – ] Bea_Smith reply Agreed, I would never bungy jump. I don't trust people that much.
  • TmibTulelo reply Well, you can say the same if someone drives a car. If it crashes, then "she did put herself in the situation". So I wouldn't say that. Accidents happen, she didn't do anything wrong, the people did who didn't make sure that everything is ok with the rope.
  • nosebeep reply Trying to live a calm life will try to break our bones anyway, asking for extra trouble is foolish.
  • [ – ] shiijin reply Hey i will laugh and let them hear as well,but, if i do something kinda dumb and get hurt myself i expect people to laugh at me and in most cases i will be the first one to laugh at myself.
  • Screamzz reply My two feet stay on the ground. Im not about that life
  • [ – ] TheArcadecrew reply I agree with the fact of since it's bungie jumping there's a higher probability for something to go horribly wrong. But my biggest concern with stuff like this is that I can't stand when people don't wear full head helmets this s exactly the thing that could happen if it screws up. If she had a mouth guard on that helmet as well, like a full motorcycle helmet or what have you that whole terrible mishap could have been averted. It's the same thing when people drive motorcycles and they only wear a nub helmet. All I can think to myself when I see this everywhere, is "what the actual hell are you thinking?" I get it you want to protect your head which has your brain in it. But why not also protect your face. That's something I have never and will never understand. Yup that's my shpeel
  • c_arnold03 reply If you say you're a little bitch, I won't argue or debate it. I can only acknowledge that you own it. I couldn't call that chick one though. Bungee jumping, even a failed attempt like that takes guts, trust, as well as stupidity. When she face planted into the bridge, I cringed cause I knew that had to have hurt, but I also know women don't do stuff like this alone, so she was good. Want a good laugh though? Here's a story about a female French Tourist in Thailand who has absolutely no threat perception ability, getting bitten on the ass while trying to take a selfie with a Crocodile even after being warned: https://archive.is/2UJtR If you can locate video, I think the folks here will enjoy your take on it.
  • [ – ] MarketStrategies reply Same thing as my sister skydiving. Something I would never do, if there's an accident my reaction would be same as yours
  • [ – ] Sokaokay reply so this is vidme uh
  • [ – ] Osama_Ashraf_99 reply Daaammmmnnn. That was the worst thing i have seen today. Not funny to me.
  • barden reply looool fuck that
  • [ – ] MontroDeMaraco reply Not gonna lie, i laughed and i would still hit that.
  • [ – ] Chriscrimson reply Damn, she still hot tho
  • MechaPuma reply Honestly, I can see both sides here. It shouldn't have happened but she also put herself in that situation. This was a bit harsh but it needed to be said. :) Life is too mysterious to take a risk like that, especially if it requires jumping off of a bridge hundreds, if not thousands of feet up.
  • Jijipoid reply man i agree.. i would never put myself in a situation like that.. i mean sure we are at risk everywhere we go technically.. but to deliberately put yourself in a situation where the probability of being hurt rises even a little bit spells a no go for me.. My traveling to various places is enough risk for me thanks.. lol.. but hey its her life tho.. she wanted to try something super thrilling that also has super risks.. and she actually went for it.. I mean cudos to her for actually having the balls to try something even though it's risky and scary as hell.. lol
  • [ – ] PassLowRow reply Question! Will you ever upload the old Prank Reviewer video's to this site?
  • [ – ] Spetsnaz_ reply LMAO i dont think you would want to wear the bitch jacket 😂😂
  • [ – ] PassLowRow reply You have been perching Vidme on YouTube more then a Jehovah Witness. So I made an account to follow you.
  • fawzib reply My crazy ex wanted to do the same thing. It is easier than you think but it takes a lot of mental effort to do the jump. I started to think.. what if something goes wrong..wait why am I here? I don't have mental problems. I love my life, I don't need this shit but fuck can't be a pussy in front of my gf. I guess I have to do it no turning back. I hope someone deletes my browser history if I die... yeah all that in couple of seconds...and I jumped!
  • [ – ] th3gr8 reply Wassup weirdest news
  • [ – ] 90VoDkA09 reply so this is gonna be youtube in some time
  • Leadhead reply Human nature to have a chuckle, I did at the same time I cringed...
  • [ – ] JesusDaLawd reply What the fuck is this place And is it supposed to onky shiw the thumbnail
  • [ – ] chris5960 reply Love Weirdest News🤘🤘. This is prob the only chance I'll get for you to reply
  • [ – ] Dat_Good_Succ reply She was hot before
  • WeirdestNews reply This is insane and a perfect reason why I don't do shit like this.
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