Cyberbullying vs Free Speech

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  • [ – ] DiogenesOfSinope reply I'd say she could encourage companies to offer a special account for minors, and make bullying people with such accounts a bannable offense. Alternately, people with adult accounts can simply block ALL minor accounts so they don't have to worry about it. No state intervention needed. Good for the kids, but allows the adults to speak freely.
    • SLCBagpiper parent reply We'll have to wait for the details. If what she proposes is free-market based and rooted in volunteerism instead of state coercion, then it might not be as bad as I'm fearing it may be. Gab AI, as you might know, has but one form of censorship: User filters. No safety committees, like the Dying Blue Bird has. But we shall see. Thank you for watching and commenting!
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