I know I have issues talking!

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  • [ – ] ABCDad reply lol! I could watch this on loop forever.
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Hehe. Now, say "Sally sells seashells by the seashore. How many seashells did Sally sell?" =D
  • [ – ] zugzs reply sea shells sea shells down by the sea shore
  • ChrisAtariNerd reply I have those moments too..I want to say something, but it came out differently. lol
  • leornendeealdenglisc reply I can relate to this video. I started speaking a little later than most children. Making internet videos helped me with my public speaking. All the best, Kevin
  • [ – ] PurpleTorchGaming reply Lol you're good!
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'm not eloquent either. It happens. :D
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply When I talk, I feel like I am pronouncing things right... it isn't until I am editing when I ask myself stuff like "Did I just say 'watch me pee or watch my AP?'" lol I do have a speech impediment.. stutter. I can hide it but I have to really concentrate. When I get too comfortable or really anxious, it comes out a bit. Slurring was one of the ways I tried to hide it but people always think I'm drunk or high or something lol Sorry if I'm being long winded but one thing I do with it is not look at it as a flaw, but as a hysterical aspect that I cherish. That's why I made this vid. I like making fun of myself.
      • [ – ] CruxRiajuu parent reply As soon as I catch up on my uploads - you'll probably see a lot of the same thing from me reading Deus Ex pamphlets ingame. I make fun of myself when I realize it happens though XD
      • [ – ] theoldsparrow parent reply I can relate so that's why it's funny. I had a bad stutter until 2nd grade. Sometimes I'll slur my words too and I usually catch that in my own videos and editing. It's part of why I have so many takes and script what I say. It's good that you can make fun of yourself. Shows confidence.
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