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  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply I feel this! I hate it when I run into a channel on random creator and there is nothing there... not even a trailer to what people are subscribing for that costs more than a dollar
    • [ – ] Grimsly parent reply Whhhaaaattt?! I have yet to see that, I have seen ones that are like almost $5 and its like...your not netflix. A dollar I can understand, but if you go insanely high...then nah. I just don't want to do it anyway. Don't feel fair.
      • [ – ] thy_koosk parent reply I think the over $1 is okay for some cases when the content is high quality but... show what people are going to get. I found a channel that had the $5 subscription mark with no free videos that at least explain the content... like what if you pay for something you do not exactly support/find entertaining? I honestly don't care to do it either, I might but it would be for $1 and be for blooper reels tbh. But I do agree with you
        • Grimsly parent reply Yeah. Like if I were to create a second channel with like insanely high quality content, then I might do that. But for now. Tips, someone likes it, just tip me lol. That seems more fair
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