E3 2017 Reactions: Sony - 2016 Rehash

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  • JamesPlays reply Hey. So I've realized I said some things that aren't strictly true in this video. Firstly there were games other than Destiny 2 that weren't exclusive, two of which I didn't talk about, which are COD: WWII and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and I hear Skyrim VR is only going to be a timed exclusive to PlayStation VR. Speaking of Skyrim VR, there have of course been VR games that aren't just "glorified tech demos", such as Resident Evil VII. Still, as I understand it, REVII in VR is pretty much the same game without VR, whereas it sounds like Skyrim VR sounds like it's going to be quite a different experience to vanilla Skyrim. Sorry about that!
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