Power Rangers Ninja Steel is Already Underrated

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  • Somnibrew reply Uhh you don't have 100 subs, you are fake news.
  • LoreReloaded reply Congrats on 100 subscribers.. Though you only have 46 followers.. whats up with that.. I honestly stopped after Mighty Morphin.. Left that demographic at that age..
  • Mattwo reply I'm sorry but this is pure bullshit. The vast majority of Ninja Steel's visuals are from Ninninger (and a good chunk of the original footage aside from the civilian forms is just recycled elements) but I'll give you that the morpher was a good idea considering how underutilized the thing was in Ninninger. Eeexcept in the case of Ninja Steel Gold where the guitar sidearm would have been the obvious choice. He's a musician after all The serious moments in Ninja Steel can't even remotely compare to RPM, I have no real investment in ANY of the characters aside from Redbot Mick, Calvin, Hayley, Preston and the Chinese knockoff Bulk and Skull (mostly Monty though), the only ones who actually act like actual humans IIRC) and why would I? Umm, the villains are villains and the rangers are heroes. Galvanax KIDNAPPED Brody and now he wants the rangers KILLED if necessary. He has NO intention of being diplomatic and is basically throwing a childish temper tantrum because the thing didn't choos...moree him. Brody took back WHAT RIGHTFULLY BELONGED TO HIS FAMILY. Stealing BACK from a thief doesn't make a damn thing morally grey and even if there were grey moralities, it doesn't stop Ninja Steel from being MEDIOCRE. Also Odeus is definitely a villain and will eventually betray Galavanax, you don't need to watch Ninninger to figure that out because Saban thinks children are idiots. "The nexus prism did it" is still contrived bullshit, just as much as "a wizard did it" Power Rangers gets silly sometimes yes but when it gets looney toons levels of silly, it's just kind of pushing it. Also, there was an entire episode full of a fart joke. A SINGLE fart joke. Filling an ENTIRE episode.
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