Anime Truth #33o: The appeal of Tournament Arcs

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  • [ – ] OmegaEXE reply MHA's tournament arc is the 2nd worse tournament arc I've seen. The worse goes to Grand Magic Games from Fairy Tail The best is the Dark Tournament Arc in Yu Yu Hakusho
    • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply the MH while not perfect it was still enjoyable yu yu hakusho's its outdated and really not that great your biased it's clearly showing cover it up ugly tard
      • [ – ] OmegaEXE parent reply MHA's tournament was utter garbage and boring on top of it. The Dark Tournament Arc had tons of build up and alot of tension not to mention that it had stakes. Saying that it's outdated is basically a stupid statement. Retro>Modern Garbage
        • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply talks shit about me saying it's outdated then go on too say dumb shit like "retro>modern garbage" eat my dick you hypocritical puta lol
          • [ – ] OmegaEXE parent reply >Doesn't do anything to refute my statements >Goes for insults why being engulfed in his own salt Yu Yu Hakusho>My Hero Academia I can explain to you if you want
            • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Listen ugly bitch either clean that filthy cunt and we talk or kys puta
              • [ – ] Pedda_ZZ parent reply you cant ask people to be polite while talking like the biggest street nigga
                • [ – ] Pedda_ZZ parent reply thats not how this work boi
                  • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Cool story slut tell your mom im not feeling it today either
                    • [ – ] Pedda_ZZ parent reply Well at least by now we all know why you enjoyed MHA
                      • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Hay si puta mas duro
                        • [ – ] Pedda_ZZ parent reply oh sorry im only on my 1. semester of scum-studies I don't think I will be able to understand you until I get way deeper into this material
                          • [ – ] Feli1 parent reply Selo meti a tu Nader por el culo legusto mucho y dijo que te odia
                            • [ – ] Pedda_ZZ parent reply I think I am going to stop trying to find more insults as no matter with what I would come up nothing tops the way you reacted to the first 3 comments your whole shit personality is right there black on white
  • copperfield42 reply TOURNAMENT ARC!!!
  • AnimeReviews reply I don't watch a lot of Shounen with tournament arcs so I am not bored of them, but if I did, I probably would be bored of them. It seems like they happen a lot.
  • TheScreaminGoat reply Hmm this could use a TOURNAMENT ARC!
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