A Day in the Life of The Lord of the Rings Online #16 Lost?

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  • [ – ] Big_Dave reply people still play this? I played in 2008-2009 and learned that the entire game is a grind. Go to this zone kill X number of these creatures to gain this....and so on and so on. It was so repetitive, I finally grew tired of it. On top of that the silly rules on making weapons "Legendary" were so convoluted, I finally gave up. The one aspect I always enjoyed, though, was that you could solo the entire game and succeed.
    • Arise212x parent reply I'm surprised people still play WoW, but that game is still going strong too
    • Mad_Matt_Inc parent reply It is very grindy when you leave the main quest, but we do that off stream when we have time for it.. We won't get into legendary stuff for a while yet, as we have to get into Moria before we get that. And the system for it might have changed, since even crafting is almost noting like it used to be that far back. Also missions at some points give almost double the XP they used to, and they have added at least 3 more areas. As of this week, they finally released at least 2/3 of Mordor for areas we can quest into. Yes, we can in fact walk into Mordor if we're high enough of a level.
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