James's History of Video Games - Part 2: Atari 2600, Space Invaders and Galaxian

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  • [ – ] Carm3D reply Atari killed Atari. :)
    • [ – ] AliensStudios parent reply Yeah, a good case could be made for that. In hindsight it could be argued that the only successful console they had was the 2600. The Jaguar was an admirable effort but in the era of the Jag they lost sight of the fact that you needed good games too.
      • [ – ] Carm3D parent reply When Warner took over Atari it was their demise. They did not keep up with technology and they devalued their software developers... So they left (causing brain-drain) and formed their own companies (Activision / Imagic)
        • AliensStudios parent reply Yeah, I saw Bushnell's Reddit ama (https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2e7z17/i_am_nolan_bushnell_founder_of_atari_chuck_e/) and it sounds like Warner sort of stymied most of Atari's innovations and progress. That's what happens when you sell to the highest bidder instead of the best choice. In retrospect though, you can't blame them. Video gaming was a new frontier and I don't think anyone realized how big of an industry it would become 40+ years later.
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