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  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply Use me while you got me... damn it Lane, you still making the perfect out of context quotes lol.
  • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen reply Sup Lane
    • [ – ] LaneVids parent reply expand (possible spam) Not too much. Gearing up for the school year.
      • [ – ] GanjaGamerKen parent reply Cool cool, glad to see you on Vidme, YouTube is going the way of MySpace... you gotta let everyone know to come over here to watch.
        • [ – ] LaneVids parent reply It'll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I see lots of people going to
          • GanjaGamerKen parent reply Oh and check out my channel on here got some funny old poorly dubbed Japanese Star Wars rip off movie that the kids will love.
          • GanjaGamerKen parent reply Platforms should stand by creators. Give the creator the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately YouTube has shown time and time again they bow to advertisers. Which is why people were leaving watching Tv in the first place and going to YouTube but YouTube wants to become the PC advertising friendly format that Tv is focusing more on pleasing advertisers. Mark my words, next the FCC will be getting involved...
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