Beware of Comment Spammers!

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  • cannotaccess reply This video is quiet compared to +JoesphGames
  • GamerRaf reply Yeah, I've seen it around but hasn't happened to me. I have had bots comment on some of my videos.
  • [ – ] MysticSword reply Yeah, I've seen a few Users posting comment-spam too, some of them constantly begging like, "Come visit my channel and follow!" :P VidMe should add a built-in way to report comment-spam and also give us an option to block certain Users / Channels, though those features could already be something they will be adding at some point. PS: I had to turn my volume way-up to hear you in this vid. Maybe in editing you could bump-up the volume level a bit if it's low and/or invest in a better quality mic when you can afford. Ok, keep up the good work.
    • [ – ] SamEarl13 parent reply Sorry about the audio, didn't exactly put any effort into the video although I definitely need to replace the mic at some point. I think they should at least have some sort of system that doesn't let you post the same comment twice in a row, that will at least put off a few people from doing it.
      • MysticSword parent reply Depending on what video-editing software you use, it probably has an option to boost the volume level of audio if need be. Or you could also use something like Audacity, , a free to download & use utility that can help to clean-up and enhance audio, then you could use the enhanced version of your audio with your video in your video-editing software. I do like this method to help improve the audio quality for my vids, as I mainly just use my headset mic when doing commentary for my vids. I imagine VidMe will go through some "growing pains" as the site continues to grow and evolve, and most likely they will be giving us better ways to either reduce, report or block spammers and trolls.
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