Spike The Hedgehog [Part 4] Life Updates

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Whoa, we have the same sleep schedule! Music is awesome! I love how you rip the game then continue to play. I guess the game of life is like that. The rage game stole your fidget dooper fun!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Wait.. did you say "Horgy Hedgy"? Lol I want a Piology here!!! That sounds so Good! Five minutes in and already rage haha I've pretty much synced up with my UK friends sleep schedules too. Most of my friends live there lol I feel the same way about music too. When two people love the same songs or can introduce one another to new stuff, it bonds them for life! Holy shit! That is the best game theory I've heard for this game! Angela left Spike! And that hes actually the villian! GENIUS!!! People swinging buckets wilky-nilly are crazy! Who knows what's inside.. acid or even worse, shit! I'm just loving the rage. I'm sorry! Hahaha We should totally make Spike merch! And bc the shits that made this game won't admit to it, we would not have to worry about being sued. And If they ever did show their face to claim they're money, we can use that as an opportunity to the them to a chair and force them to play this fuck forsaken game and ask them "What in the holy hell were they thinking?!" Ya k...morenow... stuff like that. Too far? Lol You want my cardboard fidget spinner? Lol "Woopity doodle wop?" What? You're making me feel old now hahaha!!! FIDGET DOOPER!!! Lovely word
    • [ – ] Sweetpotates parent reply Love me some fidget doopers I feel old even though I really shouldn't! Piology is amazing!! This game induces a masochistic rage feel for me which is kind of scarr lol Music is literally the best I love coming up with weird conspiracy theories Spike merch is a gold mine that has yet to be dug up!!!
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