Islamic feminist Agit-Prop erases Muslim women's suffering

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  • DaytwaQua reply Mama, did you have to use the Wicked White Witch of the West as the thumbnail for this video? That constitutes cruel & unusual punishment. As for the video itself, I regard Ayaan Hirsi Ali as pretty much the bravest person on the planet, at least that I'm aware of. Facing not only the vileness & ridicule of millions upon millions of people like these women, but having most of these millions actively wanting to kill her, or at least wishing her dead. I really wish I knew what the motivations of these women were in appearing in this video. Maybe threats, bribes, or perhaps it is simply just ignorance. I know this is most likely not an original thought, but Islam strikes me as a totalitarian political ideology disguised as religion. It seems to insist on controlling every aspect of everyone's lives. It is definitely far more oppressive to women, but it severely curtails the freedoms of men as well. Unless, of course, one takes advantage of the many loopholes that are readily available, s...moreuch as the goat fucking thing, or the apparently halal prostitution, getting married long enough to fuck, then immediately getting unmarried. Then there's Bahrain, where the all-powerful Allah can't see, because of a mountain or clouds or something. It's all a farce, as far as I can tell, a farce that's determined to take over the world. Ah, my very first comment on Vidme & I'm already rambling, how appropriate. Anyways, that's all I'll say for now, I hope Vidme ends up being a viable alternative to YouTube for you Mama, & congrats on quitting Twitter. I quit Twitter for the most part about two months ago, & I don't really miss it at all.
  • BasedMama reply I do apologize for the sound issues. it rendered that way, and my editing software now no longer recognizes the original video file as a thing. :-/
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