HEMA Training Weapons Addendum

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  • [ – ] bekoli reply Interesting and probably way cheaper variant of an #mblade :) It looks somehow fragile though. Are you not afraid that this falls apart and smashes e.g. the window?
    • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply There's a lot of super glue holding the bottle to the stick on the cap end so I doubt that will happen. The taped end might losen over time and spill a bit of sugar but that's easily fixable.
      • [ – ] bekoli parent reply Oh man.. I feel like making an updated version and refer to this series of yours too :D I wasn't quite happy with the camera angle of the intro as well.
        • [ – ] JimGiant parent reply I'd appreciate the shoutout but I thought your video was great. Can't wait to get hold of a 3d printer when I have the spare cash. All sorts of things I'd like to make.
          • bekoli parent reply No need to buy one :D You can utilize one of many printing services. They ship the results in any quality (and material) you may imagine nowadays. I just was lucky to have access to one :D
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