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  • [ – ] firaro reply I suspect it's mostly a matter of scale. Once you have enough comments the experience of commenting changes and ergo how people comment changes. On youtube i feel like im shouting into the void, despite the fact youtube is surprisingly good at trying to make that not be the case. But on vidme, there's rarely even 5 comments. On here i might as well be writing a second description for the video for much it'll be viewed. Each comment feels important. You get a similar effect if you have a small channel on youtube, though vidme does better since it's not juxtaposed with huge channels to set the tone
    • [ – ] liam_matt parent reply See I get that, but the thing that baffles me is my YouTube channel is almost four times the size of my VidMe, yet the way this community is working I enjoy it more as I get more reception with comments on here. The sense of camaraderie (as I said in the video) is so much stronger on here! For small YouTubers it is becoming more and more like shouting into the void. I'm wondering if they'll actually focus on bringing up newer YouTubers rather than focusing on profitable ones (or currently profitable ones). I am intrigued what's going to happen on here when there are "huge channels" on here to set that tone!
      • firaro parent reply I suspect it'll go the same path as youtube. All vidme really has done different is a slightly nicer way of displaying comment chains and no editing. But i guess there is some hope, the competition between the two will force both to work towards improving everything, including community. Even if i cant see any way to avoid what happened to youtube hopefully someone working at either can.
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