SAUSAGE SWING! - Little Nightmares #5

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Nice once again, I would never play these types of games, they frustrate me.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply What is frustrating about it? :)
      • JustABloke parent reply I'm hopeless at solving problems like this eg pull that thingy to make that part swing and quickly grab it to get over the hot pot of boiling water, go to next room climb top of shelf and throw this shoe into the other room to distract bad guy, quickly run and kick him in the nuts so he drops a key etc etc etc how the hell do people work all this out
  • [ – ] WebNoob reply Why are there deformed Dr Seuss looking chefs chasing you
  • MisterHan2000 reply "Why is the key on the table guys?" I know, right? The key should obviously be between your le-excuse me, on the floor!
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