first set of new footage testing a DSLR Camera with ANTS!

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  • [ – ] SOTT2020 reply Have you tried the 2x to 10x lens converters that screw into the lens filter threads to get you even closer .Quite cheap and less to carry around for macro work using std lenses .
    • IBakedGamerI parent reply no i havent. but i would like to though, i just got the camera like a week ago xD kit lense but i grabbed a polarizing filter and got a longer lense for far away stuff. im trying to learn the most i can so thank you so much! i';; keep that in mind next time i go out looking to buy extra things to make the quality better =]
  • [ – ] medicenblink reply Who Sub x Sub?
    • IBakedGamerI parent reply usually anyone that comments on my videos i check them out if they have any videos. if i enjoy it i will sub if not thats still fine im open to having cool convos with all sorts of people lol also sub x sub reminds me of how there are dominant and subs and sub sandwiches xD and subs or dubs for anime.
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