How Not Coveting Could Change the World

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  • MAFsensor reply The problem IS interpretation; people are all different, we think differently, we act differently it's what gives us uniqueness. A book written over 1600 yrs ago that does not mention dinosaurs or a wooden boat that housed two of every animal on the planet, seems outdated and is why people in power update it every so many years. It's just a form of control, put fear into someone and they will follow you, well, until they realize that fear itself is just an illusion. Are we even real? Could it be that we are just energy - atoms, vibrating to a frequency that we call human? Our real selves, if indeed there is such a thing, could be in a different dimension, we might simply need to live this life in order to accumulate more knowledge, until such time as to where we ascend to a different dimension. It's all just words in the end, truth is just a word, it's purpose is to try and explain something beyond our comprehension and yet we strive towards it. Life, comes and goes and yet the world s...moretays the same, it has for over 100's of million's of years, we are slowly reaching the tipping point where a 'reboot' will be triggered, either through nuclear war or bio-warfare or both, who knows, but one thing is certain, it's happened many times before and will again, soon.
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