Paid subscriptions

Enabling paid subscriptions allows your fans to support you on a recurring monthly basis. Here's how it works:

  • Paid subscriptions are currently only available for verified creators. If you're not already verified, please apply for verification. We'll be opening paid subscriptions to non-verified creators soon.
  • When you're verified, you can enable paid subscriptions on your channel from your monetization settings.
  • Once this is enabled, you'll see a "Subscribe" button appear on your channel and video pages.
  • You'll keep 90% of your earnings, after transaction fees. Click here for payout details.

Paid tips

Verified creators can accept tips directly from their fans! Here's how it works:

  • Verified creators' videos feature a tipping button below their video players. Fans can use this button to instantly tip the creator for their video. We'll be opening up paid tips to non-verified creators soon.
  • Fans that leave tips on a creator's video are showcased beneath the video. The biggest tippers get the most visibility.
  • Creators receive 100% of tips. Tippers are asked to pay an additional 10% service fee to Vidme to help cover processing fees. See below for payout details.

Payout details

  • Earnings from tips and subscriptions are paid out to your PayPal email address, which you can add to your account in your account settings.
  • Currently, earnings are paid out on request after 60 days, once your balance has reached at least $25. As an example, if you earn $25 on March 1st, you'll be eligible to withdraw your full earnings by May 1st. We require this 60 day waiting period to limit the risk of chargeback fraud.
  • Email us from the email address associated with your Vidme account when your balance has reached at least $25. We'll be automating this soon.


The Vidme team is working hard to develop new ways to help you earn money from your videos, including ad revenue sharing, fan patronage, merch sales and sponsorships. Sign up here for the latest updates!