Verified creators on Vidme can accept tips directly from their fans! Here's how it works:

  • Verified creators' videos feature a tipping button below their video players. Fans can use this button to instantly tip the creator for their video.
  • Fans that leave tips on a creator's video are showcased beneath the video. The biggest tippers get the most visibility.
  • To withdraw your tips, just email us at hello@vid.me from the email address associated with your account and we’ll arrange to transfer funds via Paypal. Soon there will be a panel in your account settings to store your PayPal info.
  • During this limited beta, creators will receive 95% of tips after transaction fees.

Creator Program

Vidme is building the world’s most creator-friendly video community, and we’re developing tools to help creators like you earn more money from your videos.

Why should I choose Vidme?

  • Vidme is a brand new platform with lots of room to grow for new creator partners. A human team reviews all new content and only features the best of the best. Your videos won’t get lost in the shuffle here.
  • The community helps decide which videos get featured by using #hashtags and upvotes. The cream rises to the top.
  • Vidme is all about highlighting awesome creators. We’re working on new ways for viewers to find and share your content.
  • We handle copyright issues with a human touch and we’re staunch defenders of fair use. No opaque algorithms or automated email replies.

What if I already publish videos on another platform?

  • On Vidme you can promote your existing channels and attract new subscribers. Your videos can live here and elsewhere at the same time, creating multiple revenue streams without compromising your current audience.
  • Vidme content is frequently discovered by Redditors and embedded by major media sites. We’re building partnerships with big publishers to help you establish new audiences and earn more cash.
  • Our player is customizable. We’ve got lots of features in the pipeline to give you more control.

How do I earn money?

We’re working hard on finding new ways to help you earn more cash from your videos, including ad revenue sharing, licensing, fan rewards and daily prizes. Since the Creator Program is still pre-launch, the specifics aren’t available just yet, but sign up here, and you’ll be the first to know when they are.

How does it work?

  • Sign up below
  • Get notified when the Creator Program launches
  • Start growing your channel
  • Cash in

When can I start?

The Creator Program is still pre-launch, but not for long! Sign up here and we’ll email you soon with all the details.

Publisher Program

Do you embed videos on your website or blog? Join our Publisher Program to start earning a portion of the ad revenue generated by the Vidme videos embedded on your sites.

How does it work?

  • Sign up below
  • Get notified when the program launches
  • Embed Vidme videos on your site or blog
  • Earn money from ads served on those videos

When can I get started?

The Publisher Program is still pre-launch, but be sure to sign up here to be added to our waitlist.