VidmeAMA: "Is Duffy's beard real?"

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  • BrianAiya reply Finally good to hear @warren 's voice. But when will we hear @alex?
  • [ – ] mintteamew reply This is so cute! Thank you guys for doing this.
  • [ – ] Octotiggy reply Excellent responses, guys! Here are the Gentleman Octopus points that I will be awarding each of you: You're both starting out with 10 bonus points for recognizing the quality of my Reddit username. 1) Duffy: 10 points for a classic Seinfeld reference. 2) Duffy: 1/2 a point for remembering GoGoUsagi's kitty names. 3) Duffy & Warren: -5 points each. These points may be reimbursed upon completion of a TNG viewing marathon. 4) Duffy & Warren: 5 points each for committing to the cringe. 5) Warren: 10 points for watching the Westworld pilot-- wait, you just watched the pilot AND THEN THE FINALE? I'm taking those points back. 6) Duffy: 20 points for correctly recognizing that nobody really liked Tom; Warren: 20 points for insinuating that we'd be given this honor if it were possible. soyouretellingmetheresachance.gif 7) Vidme: 66 points for spending my tips on a skeleton. Our best friend Bonesy would be so proud. Okay, let's tally up those points! Duffy: 40.5 points; Warren: ...more30 points; Vidme: 66 points. Looks like Vidme takes the prize here, mostly due to the sensible spending of my Vidme tips on a jacket-wearing skeleton with a big red sticker on his skull. Certainly beats getting gold flakes in your chocolate fondue. Thanks, guys!
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