Making a terrible cat toy with William Osman

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  • [ – ] funnybullray reply its not that bad
    • evanandkatelyn parent reply Thanks :D we might rebuild it at our house for our cat but actually plan to give it away on our youtube channel!
  • [ – ] spicytots reply that cat toy had so much potential tbh just a few design tweaks and i think it couldve really been a hit with the (right) cats
    • [ – ] evanandkatelyn parent reply We still have it for now (we couldn't actually throw it away lol) and we're back in TX with our cat. What tweaks we're you thinking?
      • [ – ] spicytots parent reply well.... 1. the toys should not be visible at all unless they pop out of the hole 2. maybe spacing out the holes from each other? they seemed too close and also definitely NOT popping each of the toys out all at once it gets too confusing for the cat!!!!
  • [ – ] sarah reply i knew instantly (even before reading the title) once i saw the laser cutter that you guys were working with william LOL. those cats were so cute :') also the shirts you guys are wearing are amazing????? #catshirt pls?
    • evanandkatelyn parent reply Hahaha that's awesome 🤓 he sure has the market on crazy lasercut stuff! We've added your name to the list Sarah 😄 may the odds be ever in your favor
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