Thoughts on Unite the Right in Charlottesville

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  • [ – ] Thurisaz17 reply I'll just be blunt: Identity politics from any side of the spectrum is fucking retarded. I find Unite The Right just as repugnant as Black Lives Matter and I have no shame in letting anyone know it. Having said that, They have the right to assemble, and I have the right to let them know they look like overzealous Jimmy Buffet fans marching around waving tiki torches. They look like migrants from Margaritaville. That's not a good look.
  • I3UTM reply I really do not care for their message, but I am for the right to protest. #tikitorcheslivesmatter
  • CultOfTheJim reply It's funny, back at the turn of the century, a decent chunk of the blacks in my hometown were giving me and my now ex-wife hell for marrying. Yet it was my neo-Nazi friends who were more tolerant of her, admittedly because I treated them no differently than I did before she entered my life. The fact I still treated them the same as always was a major catalyst in getting them to abandon their idiotic ideology, after spending the better part of the 90s debating them. It takes a shit ton of patience, but the most effective way to change minds id dimply by showing common decency.
  • Tatullus_Invictus reply Free Speech for everyone or for no one.
  • [ – ] Real_JaceCombs reply Nazis actually don't exist anymore especially in America
  • [ – ] abpjd reply It's early for me and some else already had my username, oh well I kinda like this platform, I actually might start uploading again (on here), any way by request I came over to vid me, now to the spoon clanking!
  • tonygreene113 reply I watched the video from the "altright" channel last night. I get the concept but the medieval torches at night didn't give the presence a good look at all.
  • ikki6567 reply The current climate is nothing as benign as Styx's pet concept of "moral panic". More of a "fourth turning" or an inflection point at which the elite ( ruling class/oligarchy/Deep State ), having lost moral authority with 50% of the country, resort to ever more draconian oversight and repression ( anarcho-tyranny ). The State, assisted by courtiers ( Mainstream Media/Hollywood/Academia ), is staggeringly hypocritical and entirely self-serving. Whom do they serve? Themselves ( in spades ).
  • mattytripps reply 4:22 the concern is that white people are starting to lose their white guilt
  • Auceza reply These people protest against racism at Google and at American universities caused by affirmative action.
  • nomore2partysystem reply All creators should be treated equally here including political creators.
  • Deckard13 reply I like vidme.
  • Switch-up-snowfox reply What happened to that actual racist guy who was getting seats in british politics but then BBC just interviewed him and people saw his views and he was dropped like a rock?
  • [ – ] Auceza reply #UniteTheRight at #Charlottesville shut down by riot police
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Styx man how does it feel to know you might have a big part in saving the republic!?
  • Rangerk89 reply People don't know up by the hundreds under threat of violence, if they don't have a legitimate grievance.
  • mathphysicsnerd reply You're right to point out that what is happening now has happened before, but you didn't go far enough. The American society is stuck in a loop and has been for at least the past 100, if not more than 150 years.
  • Auceza reply Styx is an Occultist at hell's gates. :-D
  • Real_JaceCombs reply lol tiki torches and plad shirts "muh Nazis "
  • Egas59 reply Thank you for your sanity, keep it up,
  • Barbara17 reply I agree, this movement will get bigger and stronger based on the panicked response of the lefties and swamp creatures.
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  • archangelospumo reply Who attacked first?
  • Cyriu reply I could never agree with th Alt-Right's ultimate goals but supressing and censoring them is just wrong, specially since so far they have not being a violent group. They are on a very different level than the regressive left, and BLM and Antifa scum
  • [ – ] Kaemes reply If the "Unite the Right" rally was done without legal permits, I, as a Law and Order Trump supporter am against those neo-Nazi racist socialist conducting an illegal protest. The police and National Guard should have began arresting every protester and counter-protester who illegally participated in that illegal rally. I'm a White conservative Christian Trump supporter and am against the illegal "Unite the Right" rally. If they didn't get permits, it was illegal.
  • [ – ] Banjo-Kazooie-Blue reply Trump openly advocated violence against dissenters on the campaign trail. He's also threatened to "Open up the lyble laws" to censor the liberals in media.
  • [ – ] Banjo-Kazooie-Blue reply These assholes are protesting to keep a statue of Robert E. Lee up. This isn't about their livelihoods or being abused by the government.
  • StolenMoment reply Hey leftie ! You want nazis. Here is some fuckin nazis for you. I'll bet that hurts.
  • christyalmeth reply I may not like them, but doesn't mean they can't actively voice their opinions and act out the 1st amendment. Viva la #NotAllTorches
  • [ – ] Benthejrporter reply It's got worse. A car just run over a crowd of people.
  • winter__leaf reply I'm haven't even been following this event, but I'm getting rather tired and jaded. The news always colludes to tell one story. I think in the back of most people's minds, they are always skeptical about whatever they read about... I mean, that's my hope.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Yeah it's true... those RS and TM seem like they just want to preserve their cultural heritage. I have not heard them calling for violence. But i dont really listen to them much either. I will listen to them here and there for fun but it seemed to me like they were just looking for preservation not violence. Personally, i hate slogans and stupid catch phrases that are designed for a population with a 3 second attention span
  • CindyX reply Glad to find you here Styx!
  • HadesXY reply This is kind of a throwback to Pegida and AFD in germany or am I insane now?
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