New Batsuit | Part 4 | Let's Play Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay

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  • [ – ] anderssinho reply I'm currently catching up on your Batman series. Would be cool if you would start selling t-shirts in the future with "good Tea" on it :D
    • [ – ] Vesperascit parent reply Glad to hear you're enjoying it. The series is up to part 25 over on Youtube, but due to the upload limit on Vidme I'm having to move things over kinda slowly. lol my gf and I have talked about t-shirts and stuff but I have no idea where to even start for that. I'll keep that design in mind though if we do get a chance to make shirts :)
      • [ – ] anderssinho parent reply 25 episodes, nice! :) Yeah its because of the regulation right for unverifed users?
        • Vesperascit parent reply Yeah, they allow 3GB of uploads per week. Which is cool because it used to be 1gb. However if I couldn't pull videos from my Youtube channel it would mean I could only upload 1-2 videos per week to Vidme. Hopefully I can get verified sooner or later and then I can upload more videos and make some vidme exclusive content.
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