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  • [ – ] DrunkenUncle reply Hahaha I had no idea any of this was happening! Thanks, man!
  • Hagelbocken reply hmmm... did i get this wrong? didn't he release his tax information and it turned out that he had payed all the tax he was by law required to and that it was way more then anyone else in powerful political positions? im sure i saw vids about it months ago. have a good day IrateBear and give my regards to LordBear :P he is fun ;)
  • Texastom reply Yea, 8 months in and some morons are still butt hurt because their candidate didn't win. This in no way makes otherwise grown adults look childish or petty.
  • VoltaicFire reply I would have loved to see a giant inflatable Barack O-llama lol
  • Rob_Silvermyst reply Weren't his taxes already released? They showed the 2005 returns on the news, only to be humiliated that Trump paid more in taxes that Clinton, Bernie or any of the news networks.
  • dfinsandsr reply potus is gonna come home with a bb gun
  • viralshadow reply To answer your question on the left IrateBear, yes they really have nothing better to do. Most of these idiots are unemployed losers who still live with their parents.
  • [ – ] IrateBear reply Thoughts?
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