Is the Age of Accountability Biblical? - Tim Conway (I'll Be Honest)

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  • [ – ] Hamann9631 reply People who are disturbed by this but still have an interest in christianity should look into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.,
    • [ – ] BiblicalChristianity parent reply People should also be aware that you are advertising an anti-Christian cult which seeks to distort the true gospel (, with the result that it sends people to hell. Repent and put all trust in the true Jesus.
      • [ – ] Hamann9631 parent reply Thanks for the warning. I wanted to see how anti-christian Mormons are. Of the 240 chapters in The Book of Mormon 130 are pro-Christ. The rest are neutral or unclear on Christ. When I say pro-Christ I mean telling us to have faith in Christ or good guys having faith in Christ, telling us that Christ fulfilled The Law of Moses, words spoken by Christ, calling Christ The Lamb of God, good things happening because of the power of Christ, telling us to have hope in Christ, Christ is the only way to be saved from our sins, bad guys denouncing Christ, prophecies of Christ and the blood of Christ.
        • Hamann9631 parent reply More things to add to the list of good things that The Book of Mormon says about Christ (while fighting against Christ?) are in the next sentence. It tells us that Christ suffered pain and death for us, atoned for us and uses the term "plan of salvation" which means Christ suffering on the cross for us.
  • [ – ] Hamann9631 reply David was definitely a man after God's own heart when he was young and first called to be a king. If he was still a man after God's own heart at the end that means that God is a lustful, adultery committing murderer.
    • BiblicalChristianity parent reply We know that David remained a man after God's own heart precisely because he repented of these sins. God clearly condemned these actions. At no point in his life was David ever perfect (even though he was after God's own heart); Jesus was the only man who never sinned.
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