Redneck Revolt: Weaponising Working Class Identity

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  • yourvagismysafespace reply There's already red in redneck, Red(blooded American), White (skin), & Blue (collar). The white working class is tired of being overlooked because of affirmative action. With no liberal organization to rush to their aid, it is the whites who are mistreated as they have no recourse. They are the only marginalized persons in the 21st century. If any of them are working class (I guess Baristas technically count as working class), then they are the wiggers of the working class. They're looking to recruit Trump supporters? Can't they grasp that is the Trump supporters who smack them around when they protest pro-American rallies? I'm guessing that their desire to have working class members is because it's hard to "smash the fash" when all your male members hit like girls. They are starting to realize that they can't compete toe to toe with the real blue collar working man Trump supporters, so now they believe that firepower will help tip things in their favor. Somehow they're oblivious to ...morethe reality that true rednecks love their guns just as much as they love their country. I positive that once the bullets start flying, they'll wish they had stayed with their marches & the internet circle jerks that bolster their egos.
  • knurlagn reply This redneck revolts a load of barnacles
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