Mental Illness = Not real.

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  • Daboetry_17_Poetry reply Another accurate video review! I took a personal interest in this video because I struggle with Depression/Anxiety/PTSD. I'm a 41 y/o black woman who's suffered with mental illness for most of my life...that's NOT normal! It's NOT a different way of life and it shouldn't be "normalized" or tolerated like being a Lesbian or being gay. Some might say being a homosexual is an illness and a choice. I don't agree with either opinion. It's a different way of living than the "norm." Who folks sleep with is none of our business! As long as ALL parties are Consenting Single one! However, being diagnosed with a mental illness is everybody's business! We all should care for and about each other. If one of us is sick..we are all my opinion. If one person falls through the cracks because the government won't help them...and nobody comes to their aid...but just persecute them for being "crazy"...we are all to blame! But simply calling your ex "crazy" isn't the...more same as the statement above. We've all called somebody "crazy" in one context or another...doesn't have to be a mockery of someone who is actually sick. I've applied for Disablity Benefits rejected twice. I noted my mental/emotional problems in both letters I sent the government. They never once addressed it! On a sidenote,, being a Bigot is most likely instilled in you from the womb. It's a CHOICE to continue the cycle of hate! It can also be something that you gravitate toward later in life....either's still a CHOICE!
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