Overplaying Your Hand

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  • rxantos reply Violence is not equal from the left and the right. It started from the left and continued to be so for a while. The right are started to get pissed up. And the police is allowing all of this to happen unchallenged disarming the right while allowing the left to be armed and act unpunished. The last straw was in the battle of Berkeley, where thee police disarmed everyone on the right and allowed bats, pepper spray, gas grenades and other things from the left. As well as moving to the demonstration of the right. Luckily for the people in the demonstration, The useless Antifa idiots couldn't fight themselves out of a wet paper bag, thus even with weapons, the right got them on the run that day. People still say that the violence is equal. Well, its not, but it things continue like this it will be. And the right is traditionally well armed. Is like globalist want the right to start a revolution to impose martial law. The right has given the left cheek, the right cheek several times...more over. They have no more cheeks to give. Luckily Trump won. Otherwise we would have had a civil war by now. Is interesting, never pictured Trump to be the voice of reason. The president earned my respect.
  • rxantos reply So now every bald person is a skinhead? This people have a lot of time in their hands.
  • Muddywaters reply I think this is deliberate, the left is creating an enemy to justify their communist take over of America because Hillary was not accepted. Now they are working towards an open take over through violence and civil unrest even war if needed. That is the psychopathy in play.
  • OctopusOnFire reply Conspiracy theories aside, I wonder how the hell these people have the time and resources for the rallies, shirts, posters, banners, performances, places of reunion, support campaigns, smear campaigns, etc.... I mean I have a pretty good job and I BARELY have the time, money and energy to pursue my passions, let alone being an activist for whatever cause.
  • PeninaChan reply How much longer can they keep going like this until something (or someone) snaps?
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