Dear goyim, White nationalism is not the same as zionism. Don't get any ideas, Yours, Fellow White Man

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  • [ – ] bohemefit2 reply was hard to watch this idiot talk but did it, unfortunately there's many Zionists who pretend to be white nationalists though..
    • [ – ] Sigurd88 parent reply They usually start with "fellow white people"...
      • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply the word israel should be boycotted in the west if anything but to save sanity, maybe slang it as israshil lol
        • [ – ] Sigurd88 parent reply They have almost a pathological racial trait to make every culture they live off to hate and want to expel them.
          • bohemefit2 parent reply i lost count how many times theyve been kicked out of a country.. could you imagine the world actually against Israshill?? Parasites absolute blood sucking parasites.. who nearly always look ike peodos, destroying diversity everyday in order to keep theyre ugliness in control..
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